Welcome to
Moroccan Vintage Club

MVC is the first Moroccan NFT club, which brings together a community of leaders, professionals, amateurs and adventurers wishing to discover NFT, but also professionals who are committed to helping the development of the community.
The collection has 10,000 uniquely generated characters. Based on Solana and composed of more than 100 features such as faces, hats, backgrounds... All of them are representative of traditional Moroccan culture.
When you own an MVC, you're not just buying a piece of art.
You get member access to the MVC club, which allows you to participate…


About Our Club

Having closely followed the evolution of web 3.0, we noticed that NFT clubs offered excellent services, but also enormous advantages to their members. So we made the decision to take responsibility and offer Moroccans a renowned social club that will guide them and help them promote their various projects.
We know we have great and talented young people, but we need to support them and involve them in the network that will take them forward. The goal is to develop a futuristic and technological vision that will allow us to join in different platforms to help develop a clear vision guided by the union of the community. In addition, being part of the group allows you to take advantage of many advantages, partnerships, product launches, and above all to enjoy our play to earn video game developed especially for our MVC community. Our ultimate difference is our marketplace developed and designed for community members, where you can sell, trade and market your own NFTs. So having a multitude of projects for you, all you have to do is join us.
Why not ?
And we will represent our country to the world and show them what Moroccan youth can do.

Advantage for
holding MVC

After weeks of devoting all of our time and effort to the club, we launched the collection. The results of our male and female NFTs are simply stunning. The pieces are a perfect harmony of hand-drawn strokes and a magical algorithm that combines them to give an elegant and aesthetic image of Moroccan identity. A strong symbol for the preservation of our culture.
In addition, our various charitable and responsible actions will contribute to the preservation of our planet, to contribute to medical research, and above all to achieve a technological advance that will put our country and our culture at the top of the rankings.
We are now the first Moroccan NFT club. We haven't finished yet. The story begins now. Join us and be part of history.

Private Show & Concert

Access to private concerts and shows for NFT holders with celebrities. Discount VIP pass for partnering casino

Club Activation

Exclusive discount for brand partnering with our club
Real life and online meetups for networking and value mastermind

NFT Game

Priority to join our game before public launch

Priority to join

Priority to invest to all our future projects ad be one of our micro investors



Phase 1

- Our goal is to provide long-term value to every member of the MoroccanVitageClub Club who sustains and possesses an MVC NFT. To do so, we will implement a number of strategies following the launch. - Site and contract build. - Social Media Presence. - Community building. - Presale whitelisting complete. - Mint date determined.

Phase 2

- Presale minting Begins - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
  • Each holder has the ability to assign ownership and commercial use rights to his or her NFT
  • Two spots available for the FIFA 2022 World Cup Mint 2 NFTs
  • People will be entered to win $1000 in Solana.
  • Once we've completed our POST-MINT, we will announce the winner.
  • Two PlayStations, five pairs of rare Jordans, and $10,000 in cash
- Public sale minting Begins - WELCOME TO THE CLUB
  • When you purchase an Avatar, you gain membership in a club that increases not only the number of members but also the benefits! You will be able to join a private Discord channel where you can share your ideas and make decisions alongside our team on the development of future MVC projects.
  • We will put 35% of our profits into a community fund for marketing, future gifts, events, Metaverse developments, and so on. The owners of MVC NFT will meet and vote on how we should use this money.
- NFT holders Airdrop & Giveaways - CHARITY
  • 3% of the proceeds will be donated to a cancer research organization. We decided to make charitable donations to several organizations in order to help make the world a better place.
  • A total of 2% of the funding will be donated to various SIDA-fighting groups in Morocco.
  • Our talented artist THKDD is currently working on a vintage-inspired clothing line, which will be available only to presail users and holders.
  • In the meanwhile public sale holders will also receive merchandise within 3 months of holding the token … and 6 months after that a full collection will follow.
  • Personal events are only open to members of the MorrocanVittageClub Club. In certain cities across the Kingdom, evenings and brainstorming sessions with influential people from the fashion, music, investment, and rap industries will be held.
- Game story finalized - Rarity gallery created - Launch our NFT marketplace

Phase 3

- Fixing the tokenomics - Game development - METAVERSE
  • The MVC metaverse has been created exclusively for you and only you are the focus of this virtual reality. The vintage club will be available in the Metaverse as well. This will serve as MVC's headquarters and base of operation, where all members of the community are able to convene there.
- Teaser launch - Partnerships - Full trailer

Phase 4

- Beta testing start - Token presale for NFT holders - Token public sale - Game launch for NFT Holders - Game public launch - Community challenges begins


Amine Chouri

Co-Founder / Head of marketing


Co-Founder / Creative director




Full stack developer

Amine Dradeb